SRMBC, also deliver IT consultants working in all the current and advanced Technologies, product development professionals and any rare technologies that client looks from time to time.​

At SRMBC, the team, is well trained and are very talented in acquiring right personnel for any tough client requirements that have rare skill sets, multiple skill sets, senior personnel and industry SME requirements.

The most important asset contributing to our qualitative growth is the pro-active measures that we take to add to our knowledge and skills continuously.

Our customers receive improved quality and faster response time while significantly reducing the cost of their revenue system

SRMBCS, established as an exclusive Medical Billing & Transcription service provider.

SRMBCS takes pride in offering the highest quality & cost-effective, Medical Transcription, Coding and Billing services to small and medium scale healthcare setups in the US.  We maintain the upmost AHDI standards in terms of customer satisfaction, accuracy and lowest TAT.  

Our offering has a unique advantage in maximizing revenue for our clients as it uses advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology to extract and apply billing codes.  Our proprietary software swipes through many millions of rows of data to find important patterns. Then it tries to match the case at hand with discovered patterns for cases that have shown to maximize the revenue in the past. Up until now, this kind of ground breaking technology was only available to big health care corporations. With SRMBCS’s unique offering to the small and medium size setups we are leveling the playing field in the health-care industry when it comes to insurance billing revenue.

In addition, our reporting system (weekly/monthly/quarterly) keeps you informed about the health of your practice and any new updates in the industry. 

All our processes, transactions and the services are handled in accordance with HIPAA, PHI Compliance and US Department of Health, Information Security Guidelines


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I wanted to mention that we have been very pleased with the quality of the coding process.... We have been very satisfied with your clarification and analysis in order to maximize revenue. Again, thank you for your hard work and attention to detail. It is much appreciated…
                                                                                                                 - VS PERAM, MD

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